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Language development

Sanlam WOW Game Festival: Workshops

Presentation and information sessions regarding Sanlam WOW Game Festival

Grade 1 to 10

Jan to May

Sanlam WOW Game Festival: Webinar

Presentation and information sessions

Grade 1 to 10

Jan to May

Sanlam WOW Game Festivals

Playlists are uploaded to the website and schools complete entry forms for participation. Game festivals are then offered at different levels based on geographical location. The first level of participation is at the school level, after which all participating schools meet in specific education circles. Winners in circuit game festivals take part in district game festivals, and these winners advance to the provincial game festivals. Winners from the respective provinces participate in the National Sanlam WOW Games Festival.

Primary Schools & High Schools

Afrikaans Home language
Gr. 1 – 10

English First Additional Language:
Grade 5 – 9

isiXhosa Home Language:
Gr. 3, 6 – 8

July to

WOW Webinar

Language fatigue in the Foundation Phase: Experts discuss ways to address language fatigue among learners in the Foundation Phase. Educators, speech therapists and publishers share valuable tips.

Foundation phase

US Word festivals